VoV Overview

Tony Coffman -

VoV stands for View of Views and enables users to run multiple VDM Views, as a single process.  VoV allows for the creation of a Single Summary, Un-joined Dataset, or Joined Dataset.

Single Summary:
A Single Summary VoV will return one record for each grouped item in your Views.  For example if you have three Views and each are grouped by a Date and a String, the VoV Single Summary will return one line from each View for every unique Date and String as well as the summary items.  Building a Single Summary View requires that your Views are grouped by a like data type; string, numeric, date, etc. 

Build Dataset Un-Joined:
An Un-joined Dataset will return one Datatable for each Detail and Summary result from the selected Views.  Datasets are useful when you need to combine disparate views into a single data source for Finished Reports or Visualize.  Users often build a Dataset when they want to combine multiple Views into a single Excel spreadsheet where each View is a separate workbook.

Build Dataset Joined:
A Joined Dataset will return a single result from the selected Views based on the defined linking relationship.  When the Views are joined together, the individual Views' results are imported into a local MS SQL database and then joined using the relationship defined during the VoV build process.

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