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What Is An Un-joined Dataset VoV?

An Un-joined Dataset will return one Datatable for each Detail and/or Summary result from the selected Views. 


Why Create An Un-joined Dataset VoV?

Datasets are useful when you need to combine disparate Views into a single data source for Finished Reports or Visualize.  Users often build a Dataset when they want to combine multiple Views into a single Excel workbook where each View is a separate spreadsheet.


Steps For Creating An Un-joined VoV Dataset

1. Click on the VoV Builder tab on the navigation bar. 


2. Select BuildDataSet on the VoVOption property.



3. Click on Add View to browse and select your View.  Repeat the Add View process for each View.



4. Click Save on the Ribbon Bar to save your VoV Dataset.



5. Run the VoV by clicking on View from the Navigation Bar, then click open and select the new VoV.




View1.vdm has the following report fields:


View4.vdm has the following report fields:


When VoV_Dataset.vdmv is executed, View1.vdm and View2.vdm are run against the defined connection, and the details from each View is added to their own datatable in the dataset.

View1 Results:



View4 Results:




Un-Joined Dataset VoV Video Tutorial:





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