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A Single Summary VoV will return one record for each grouped item in your Views.  For example if you have two Views and each are grouped by a date, the VoV Single Summary will return one line from each View for every unique date, as well as the summary items. 


Building a Single Summary View requires that your Views have the same number of groupings, data types and order.  It is also required that the number of grouping levels be the same for each View. 


NOTE: VoV Single Summary does not work with Advanced Queries.


Steps For Creating A Single Summary VoV

1. Click on the VoV Builder tab in the navigation bar:




2. Select SingleSummary as the VoVOption in the VoV Property Grid



3. Click Add View to browse and select your View.  Repeat the Add View process for each View that shares a similar grouping information.


4. Click Save on the Ribbon Bar to save your VoV Single Summary.



To run the VoV, click on View from the Navigation Bar.  Click Open, select the VoV and then click Run View to execute.



View1.vdm has a single level of grouping on a date field with a count and summary.



View4.vdm also has a single level of grouping on a date field with a count and sum. 



When VoV1.vdmv is executed, View1.vdm and View4.vdm are run against the defined connection, and the summary from each View is combined on the grouped item. 

In the example below we can see View1 and View4's summary data is combined into a single row where they share the same grouped date.




Example Single Summary Video Tutorial



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