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Rebuilding a VoV is an essential step when it comes to making changes to your VoV's child Views. A child View is any view used in the creation of the VoV. 


When And Why Rebuild A VoV?

As mentioned above, a VoV consists of multiple child Views. When changes are made to these Views, the VoV will need to be rebuilt in order to reflect theses changes. In other words rebuilding a VoV is  refreshing or updating the VoV.


Example Scenario:

Changing a filter on one Views used in the VoV. The VoV will need to be rebuilt then saved for the changes to be reflected.


Steps To Rebuild A VoV

1. Go into the VoV Builder.




2. Open the VoV that uses the child View(s) that were modified.




3. Click the Rebuild VoV button.




4. Save the rebuilt VoV.




5. Verify the changes are reflected in your VoV by going to the Tables and Fields section and opening the updated VoV, then run it.




Rebuild VoV Video Guide:

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