Step By Step: Web Reports Installation & Setup for Windows

Cory Fifield -

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Article Goal: Provide step by step guide for installing and configuring your Microsoft SQL server instance for WebReports


In this article we are going to provide a step by step guide that shows the steps / process for installing and configuring your WebReports server.



  • Administrative access to Windows Server Operating System with Windows Server Installation Media available
  • Microsoft SQL installation media.  If Microsoft SQL is already installed, you will need full "sa" access to the Microsoft SQL Server Instance
  • Valid certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Email Server Name, Port, Username and Password for WebReports notifications
  • Adjustments to firewalls may be required
  • Internet Access to download installation files


Requirements and Network Topology

  • For more information on the System Requirements and Network Topology, please read this article


Step 1. Install and Setup IIS

Step 2. Install ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle

Step 3. Install Microsoft SQL Express & SSMS

Step 4. Configure Your Microsoft SQL Server Instance (SSMS)

Step 5. Configure Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)



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