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In this article we cover the requirements for using WebReports.


What Is WebReports?

WebReports is a web based MVC application, with API functionality, that provides authorized users interactive and read-only access to VDM's Visualizations and Finished Reports using a compatible desktop or mobile browser. 


Why Use WebReports?

WebReports accepts run-time parameters, and are executed against the selected Connection Profile in real-time offering "live" results.  Visualizations and Finished Reports may be queued for later viewing and offer an effective "point in time" snapshot.  Navigate, interact, filter, drill down and export Visualizations and Finished Reports without the need to deploy desktop clients or browser plugins.


WebReports Server Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 or newer or Linux Docker
  • 5GB Minimum Available Disk Space (more disk space may be required for larger views)
  • 8GB to 16GB RAM Minimum (views with larger datasets may require more RAM)
  • 2 Cores to 4 cores - 2GHz or Higher Processor
  • Microsoft SQL 2019/2019 Express or Standard with the SQL Server Management Studio
  • Internet Information Services – IIS (built in Windows Service)
  • Microsoft .Net Core Hosting Bundle 5.x or higher (free download)


WebReports Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome - Two Latest Versions
  • Mozilla FireFox - Two Latest Versions
  • Safari - Two Latest Versions
  • Opera - Two Latest Versions
  • Edge - Two Latest Versions

*Internet Explorer - is no longer supported by WebReports.


Windows Step by Step Installation Documentation:


Linux Docker Container Installation Example:




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