Scheduler Overview

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Calendar Page

The Calendar Page has the primary function of creating and managing scheduled jobs




Job Setup Page

The Job Setup page has the main task of creating and managing jobs that can then be leveraged in the calendar as scheduled jobs or ran as a Master Job.



Job Setup Ribbon Bar


The ribbon bar is divided into 3 sections.


The New button will clear the form of any existing job you have opened.

The Open, Save and Save As buttons.

The Import button will bring in Views/Auto scheduled jobs that are considered legacy going into version 10. This is important as legacy scheduler files are saved using a vdmas file type instead of the new vdmj file type.



The Add button will prompt you to select a view to add to the job.

The Remove button will remove the currently selected view from the job.



The Add Wizard will bring up a wizard to help you create an execution.

The Edit Wizard allows you to use the same wizard to make changes to an existing execution.

The Add button will add new default Execution to the Job which will then need to be modified to fit your needs using either the options section or the edit wizard.

Bulk Creation button - creates multiple executions by leveraging data within a database or database file.

The Copy button - make copies of the selected execution.

The Remove button - remove the selected execution.



Master Job 

The Master Job component allows for the batch processing of Scheduler Jobs without the need to wait for a specified date or time for the job(s) to be executed.


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