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To edit or make changes to an existing Job, please follow the steps below.


1. Click Scheduler located at the bottom of VDM.



2. Select Job under the Automation section on the left.



3. Open the Job you want to edit.



3. Click the Edit (Wizard) button in the Executions section of the Ribbon Bar.



4. Add / Remove export items then click next.



5. Each additional item being exported will need the export options set up. (Details, Chart, Finished Report, etc.)


Explanation: The job previously only exported the detail grid. Now the Chart and Finished Report have been added and will need Export Locations and Export Filenames set and the file type selected.


Set the Export Location, enter an Export Filename (Optional: Add Date before/after Export Filename and Date Format) select File Types, then click Next. 

Important Note: This step will need to be repeated for each export option that was checked. (Details, Chart, Finished Report, etc.)



7. Make any needed edits to the Email Alerts. For help with email profiles click here.



8. Make any adjustments to the Parameters for this execution.

 If you want to have the same view ran with different parameters, copy the execution after it has been created and modify the parameter values on the new execution.



9. Update any Post Processing Commands and click finish.



10. Once your job has been edited, click Save.



If you do not want to go through the entire Edit Wizard, each component of editing a job can be completed in the Execution Properties on the right side of the Job set up page. This will also give you the ability to search for key words for the section you need to edit.

Note: There are additional options available that deal with Insights. (Data Duration, Data Location and Date Label)


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