Import Legacy AS Jobs (Jobs created prior to V10)

Cory Fifield -

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The Import Legacy AS Jobs button will bring in Views/Auto scheduled jobs that are considered legacy going into version 10. This is important as legacy scheduler files are saved using a .vdmas file type instead of the new .vdmj file type. 


**If you would like to see a video of the process, scroll to the end of the article.**


Steps to Import Legacy AS Jobs

1. Click Scheduler located at the bottom of VDM.



2. Select Job under the Automation section on the left.



3. Click the Import Legacy AS Jobs button located under the Options section of the ribbon bar.



4. Select the Job(s) you want to import keeping in mind that the .vdmas is the legacy file type.



5. Click Save after the job has been selected.



6. Verify the job has been saved properly by clicking open and looking for the new job with the .vdmj file type.




Import Legacy Jobs Video:

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