Installation / Setup of Universe ODBC Driver

Cory Fifield -

Download either the 64-bit or 32-bit ODBC driver (varies depending on your system)

32-bit ODBC Driver -

64-bit ODBC Driver -


ODBC Setup Steps

1. Download the ODBC driver and then install it.


2. Modify the UCI.config file by entering your server in the areas indicated below. Save the changes when done. 


3. Create a new ODBC Data Source. For 64-bit Windows systems run c:\Windows\system32\odbcad32.exe and for 32-bit Windows system run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe to access the ODBC manager (Note: Default port for Universe ODBC is 31438)


4. Create a connection profile using the new setup. (Note: Default port for Universe ODBC is 31438)

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