Registering VDM

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we look at the steps needed to register VDM. In order to register VDM you will need your Company ID, Registration Password and License Key. The Company ID, Registration Password and License Key are provided at the time of purchase.  


Note: If you do not have your information, please open a ticket with support.

BridgeWorks Support Email: 



Steps to Register

  1. Launch VDM and if prompted to register, please click OK.  Alternatively, you can click on Help from the Ribbon Bar and select the Register menu option.

  2. Select your version. (Developer or View Only)

  3. Enter the Company ID, Registration Password, License Key and User Information.

  4. Click Register.  You should receive a message indicating the registration was successful.  If you receive any errors messages please open a ticket with support.




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