Creating Email Profiles

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Email profiles are used to notify of Auto Schedule job failures and successes as well as the distribution of Auto Schedule output via email.


Creating a Profile

1. Click the Settings tab located at the bottom of the VDM screen.



2. Click Profiles on the left side of the VDM screen.



3. Configure the Email settings.

Check with your email provider or email administrator for the following settings.

  • Mail Server - The Name or IP address of your email server.  
  • Port - Port used for sending email.
  • Username - Username for the account sending email.
  • Password - Password for the account sending email.
  • To - The recipient of the email (only used for job success or failure notifications)
  • From - The email address associated with the account sending email.


Example Profile Setup



4. Please note that you can send a test email to verify your configuration by clicking, Send Test Email.

5. Click the mceclip4.png icon to Save the profile



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