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In this article we provide detail and examples using the Queue button in Web Reports. 


Why Use Queue?

The Queue button has similar functionality to the Download button. There are a few key differences for queuing a report. Queuing a report will store the completed report in the completed page but will not have the option to be downloaded. Instead, users will have the option to view the completed report and select the file type to export to in the previewer giving more flexible exporting options without needing to re-run the View. 


Where Can You Queue A View?

The Queue button is located on the Available Reports page in the Reports tab.


How To Queue A View.

NOTE: This is an example using Queue. The setup of a View can vary. (variable filters, parameters, etc.)


1. Make sure you are on the Available Reports page.




2. Choose what View you want to Queue.



3. Click the Queue button for the View you want to execute. If the View has parameters you will need to enter your parameters.




4. Verify the report has been sent for execution. You should see a notification at the bottom of your browser.



5. Go to the Completed page.




6. On the Completed page, you can then view the parameters used in the execution of the View, Re-execute the View and view the report. If you are viewing the report you can also export by clicking the export to button.



See our article on the Queue For Role button to see the difference in functionality.

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