Reports Overview

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we provide a brief overview of the Reports tab in Web Reports. The Reports tab has three main sections... Available Reports, Completed and the Scheduler. 


In the Reports tab users can:

  • Execute, Download and Queue available reports
  • View completed reports
  • Schedule reports to be ran


Available Reports Section:

The Available Reports section's main purpose is being able to run, download and queue your reports. Once a report has been ran in this section it will be accessible in the Completed section.


Available Reports Features:

  • Execute Report
  • Download Report
  • Download For Role
  • Queue
  • Queue For Role


Available Reports Section Preview:




Completed Section:

The Completed section's main purpose is being able to view the results of a report that was executed.


Completed Features:

  • View completed reports
  • View parameter selection for completed reports
  • Re-execute completed reports
  • Delete completed reports


Completed Section Preview:




Scheduler Section:

The Scheduler section's main purpose is scheduling reports to run. Users will also have the ability to manage their schedule from this section.


Scheduler Features:

  • Schedule reports to run
  • Modify appointments
  • Delete appointments


Scheduler Section Preview:



Appointment Setup Preview:


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