Manage Page Zoom / Scale

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we provide detail on managing your Web Reports sizing if there are any challenges with elements being scaled down or cut off. 


Why Change Page Zoom?

When moving reports from VDM to the web, some elements can be sized differently to accommodate for the screen size. If you are experiencing this, changing the zoom level may resolve the challenge.


Where Can You Change Page Zoom?

The zoom level can be modified for all pages of Web Reports.


How To Change Page Zoom.

Note: Some browsers may have slightly different methods to change the zoom level. 


Method One: Control + Mouse Wheel

1. Click inside your browser to make sure you are in the browser window.


2. Press and hold the control key (CTRL) on your keyboard and then scroll with the mouse wheel to adjust the sizing of the Web Reports page.


Method Two: Browser Settings

1. Find your browser settings. 


2. Adjust the zoom level to fit your screen to your preference.


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