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In this article we provide detail and examples on using the grouping in Web Reports. 


Why Use Grouping?

Grouping on column names will allow you to customize the way the information is presented. Typically, grouping will give the user a more organized format to view the information. For example if you group on a role, you will see the reports organized under each unique role they are assigned to.


Where Can You Use Grouping?

The grouping feature can be used across all Web Reports pages. 


How To Use Grouping.

NOTE: This is just an example of grouping. There are multiple ways you can use the grouping feature.


1. Look at the column headers/names available to group on and decide what columns you want to use.




2. Drag any combination of the column headers into the grouping area above.




3. Preview the results from the changes in grouping. In this example the Role and Type columns are being grouped on.


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