Slow VDM Application Start Up

Cory Fifield -


If you are experiencing slow application startup times when launching VDM, check your logs for Error Code 6020 with the error message "Error creating directory: Could not find a part of the path".

This error is the result of a Setting's path being unavailable or inaccessible to VDM.  On each VDM start up the application will validate each Setting's directory path and attempt to create any missing folders at the root of the path defined.  If a Setting's path is pointing to a network share that is unavailable, VDM will attempt to access that network share for up to 30 seconds before failing, and allowing the application startup to proceed.  


Note: Running VDM when a Setting's path is unavailable may result in unexpected errors and unreliable operation of the application.

If the network location is permanently offline, it is strongly recommended you update the Setting's path to an accessible location.  In order to fix the slow launch and error code, all Settings must be accessible to VDM.

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