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What is Calendar Detail?

Calendar Detail is a location to check everything regarding your scheduled Jobs. This includes things such as the Schedule Name, Notes, Start Times, End Times, Etc. (See full list below.) 


Calendar Detail Information

  • Schedule Name
  • Schedule Note
  • Recurrence
  • Recurrence Type
  • Recurrence Info
  • Recurrence Exception
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Job Name
  • View Name
  • View Enabled
  • Execution Name
  • Execution Enabled

How Does It Work?

When a Job is scheduled, all of the information regarding that scheduled job is stored in the Calendar Detail. The Calendar Detail has the much of the same functionality of the Grids in VDM. (Detail, Summary) This allows us to group, sort, search, rearrange and filter columns within the grid. 

Using The Calendar Detail

The steps below will guide you through the process of accessing and using the Calendar Detail.


1. Go to the Calendar in the Scheduler.


2. Click Calendar Detail in the Active View section of the ribbon bar.


Below are a few examples/steps to help you get started viewing and managing your jobs using the Calendar Detail.


Group / Sort / Filter

1. Drag a Column Header (Field Name) into the the grouping area (Above the columns.)




2. Sort or Filter on the grouped field by clicking on the grouped field. Clicking in the field will change the sort order indicated by the arrow next to the field name and clicking on the icon in the green box will allow you to set filters. Note: Sorting and filtering can be done in all columns.



Grouped Example: Filter and Sort Applied (Ascending Sort and Recurrence Filter)




Searching the Calendar Detail

1. Click in the Search Bar.




2. Type in the Search Bar and hit Enter or click Find.




Rearranging Columns

1. Click on a column header and drag it to a new location within the column headers. (Left of right)



2. The cursor will indicate 2 blue arrows pointing the location the new column will be placed if done correctly. 




Rearranged Column Example: Recurrence moved by Recurrence Exception


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