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Reserved Words (Special Date Filtering Options)



  • Jeremy Mapes
    Jeremy Mapes

    Is there any way to parse the date for a number or character field. For example... I have a stats table (Cache) that has a Stat Month and a Stat Year. So I need to take last month's date and parse it... I can use the Cache commands it seems but I need to know how the @LastMonth is laid out if I'm going to try to parse the date to fill the Stat Month (character field) and State Year (number field). Thanks!

  • Tony Coffman
    Tony Coffman

    Hello Jeremy, to leverage the Special Date Filtering options you would need to apply the filter against a date field. You can create a date field using Stat Month and Year by creating a custom database field/function in VDM using the following example:
    {fn CONVERT(STRING(SQLUser.Clnt_Stats_MTD.FOUR_DIGIT_YEAR,'-',SQLUser.Clnt_Stats_MTD.STAT_MONTH,'-','01'),SQL_DATE)}

    Please reference ticket 13188 for more information.


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