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In this article we provide detail how to invite users in Web Reports.


Why Invite Users?

Users must be created before they can log into Web Reports. Adding a user will allow you to manually create a user's profile. Inviting a user will give admins the ability to mass invite users and assign their roles at the same time. The users will also be responsible for setting / changing their password to login.


Where Can You Invite Users?

Users can be invited on the Management page located on the Users tab of Web Reports.


Video Tutorial:


Steps To Invite Users.


NOTE: Invitation links will expire after 72 hours.


1. Click on the Users tab of Web Reports navigation bar.




2. Click on the invite button to add users.




3. Enter the user/users email.


NOTE: Use ( ; ) between each email to add additional emails. 





4. Select the roles you want for the users.





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