Creating An Email Profile In Web Reports

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we provide detail and an example on setting up an email profile in Web Reports.  


Why Create An Email Profile?

The email profile is used for Auto Scheduler Job, success and failure notifications.


Where Can You Download A View?

You can create an email profile by in the Settings tab of Web Reports on the Email Profile page.


How To Create An Email Profile.

NOTE: The below example office 365 email settings. Check with your email provider for SMTP settings.


1. Make sure you are on the Email Profile page in the Settings tab of Web Reports.




2. Enable / Disable SSL.

Note: (SSL) provides encryption for TCP/IP connections as they transit between a client and a server.




3. Enter the Mail Server Address. (The Name or IP address of your email server)




4. Enter the Mail Server Port Number. (Port used for sending email)




5. Enter your Username(Username for the account sending email)




6. Enter your Password. (Password for the account sending email)




7. Enter the From Email. (The email address associated with the account sending email)




8. Update the Email Profile and verify successful registration.


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