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In this article we are going to cover some examples on how to fully utilize the grid in the Logs. As mentioned in the other articles for the Logs, you have most of the functionality that you have in the detail grid. This primarily covers being able to Group, Sort and Filter on specified fields. 


If you would like to see a video tutorial of the process, there is a video provided at the bottom of this article.


Note: Prior to Logs having data to work with you will need to click the refresh button. 





Grouping on a field in the grid is as simple as dragging and dropping the column header (Field) you want to group on in the the top section that says Drag a column header here to group by that column.


1. Drag a column header into the grouping section above.



Grouping Preview:





1. Click on the filter icon by mousing over a column header 



2. Select the values you want to filter on.



Filter Preview:





Sorting on a field in the grid is as simple as clicking on the column header (Field) you want to sort.

Note: The direction of the arrow indicates the sort. Up - Ascending, Down - Descending


1. Click on the column header to change the sort order. The sort order is indicated by the arrow on the column that is being sorted on.


Sorting Preview:




Navigating the Logs Video Tutorial:

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