Log Overview

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VDM's Logs are a centralized location for managing everything that happens. You will have access to Application Logs, Web Reports Logs and Service Logs. Within the logs you will have the capability to set how many days of logs you wish to see, Log Time, Log type and more all within a Data Grid that allows for some of the same functionality as the Detail Grid such as Grouping and Filtering.


Error Types

Success: Connection related (Establishing connections to database)

Info: General information

Warning: Minor errors while opening / running a view (Non-critical)

Error: Critical errors that will impact executing or results




Log Time - The Date and Time of the Log

Log Type - The Type of the Log (Success, Info, Warning, Error)

Version - The Version number of VDM that was running when the Log was created

Process - The PID used to identify Tasks in the Details section of Task Manager

Sessions - How many sessions are open at that moment the log was created

Mem Usage - How much memory was being used by VDM

Available Memory - How much memory was available to be used by VDM

Connection - The connection that was being used

User - User that initiated VDM session

Workstation - The Workstation that VDM is installed / running from

ID - Internal error codes for error location (Inside VDM Code)

Type - What is currently driving VDM (Service, Master Job, Separate Session, etc.)

Job - File Path to the Job that was used during the Log

Message - Information regarding each Log and the overall state of VDM's tasks (Error Codes, Scheduler Messages, Etc.)

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