Managing Layout Loading Efficiency

Cory Fifield -

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When using Insights it is important to manage your machine's resources effectively. The Insight Pages setting within VDM will give the user more control over how much data is stored.


How Does It Work?

Clicking on a Page in Insights loads the results associated with it. After the Page is loaded, it is stored in memory which means you will not have to wait for the results of the Page to load the next time you view it. By adjusting the Insights Pages Setting you can control how many Pages are stored in memory Note: The more pages stored in memory the more demanding VDM will be on your machine. If your machine can manage the extra memory, set the setting to 0 and all pages will be stored in memory for that open session.


Adjusting the Insight Pages Setting

The steps below show the process for changing the Insight Pages setting within VDM.


1. Click Settings on VDM's main screen.




2. Set the number of Pages you would like to store in memory for Insights on the Insight Pages setting. If 0 is entered, pages will not be cleared.




3. Load Insights and view some of your Pages, you should notice that once a page is loaded it will not have to be reloaded until you load more pages than what you set on the setting. Again if 0 was used for the setting the Pages will not be cleared.


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