Default Values for Date Parameter

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What Does A Default Value Do?

A Default Value is a value that is populated prior to the View being ran. This gives the user the ability to run a view with pre-set values speeding up the process of running Views if changes were not needed to the parameter selection.

How Does It Work?

When the view is ran, a default value will be loaded into the parameter selection. For DTP Parameters, the Default Value will need to be Reserved Words. If you need more information on Reserved Words click here. Default Values only support Single Date Reserved Words. (See first section in Special Date Filtering Article)


List of Single Date Reserved Words **Replace X/Y with number**


Using Default Date Values

The steps below show the process to set up a DTP (Date Time Picker) parameter that leverages Reserved Words for the Default Value.


1. Go to the Parameters tab and click Add Parameter.




2. Set the Type to Date Time Picker.




3. Set the Datatype to DateTime.




4. Add a Reserved Word into the Default Value. (See list above for Reserved Words)



Example Default Value Date Parameter (@Date)


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