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Changing Finished Reports Data Source

In Finished Reporting there are three different data source options to choose from, Details, Summary, and Multi.

The Details Data Source provides the data from the VDM View's Details Grid, Summary from the Summary Grid, and Multi provides data from both the Details and Summary grids.



Details/Summary Data Sources

When using the Details or Summary Data Sources simply drag the desired fields onto the report.  All of the modifications done to the report are based around using the Detail Band.



Multi Data Source Option

The Multi Data Source option allows for the use of separate detail reports (bands). When Multi is selected the Details and Summary data is available.



Adding Detail Reports using Multi Data Source

To add a detail report when using the Multi Data Source selection, right click on the report and select "Insert Detail Report" then "Unbound".  There is no limit to how many detail reports can be added to the Finished Report and each is independent from the other.



1. Set the Data Source of the new Detail report.

2. Set the Data Member of the new Detail report to the desired data table.   



Below is an example of a Finished report that has two Detail Reports.  One is referencing the "Details" and the other "Summary".



Using Multi Data Source with VoV Datasets

When using the Multi Data Source option with a VoV Dataset, each individual view in the VoV can be selected as the data source for added "detail reports".




Insert a "Detailed Report" by right clicking on the report and select "Insert Detail Report" then "Unbound".



Set the Data Source and Data Member of the new Detail report to the desired data table(each individual view is considered its own table).



Below is an example Finished Report that has two Detail Reports, each linked to individual views from a VoV Dataset.


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