Crystal Reports Migration

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VDM offers some assistance for users migrating from Crystal Reports to VDM.



To migrate a Crystal Report you must:

  • Establish a 32-bit VDM connection to the database referenced by the Crystal Report.
  • Install the 32-bit Crystal Reports Run Time (available here).
  • Use the 32-bit version of VDM (VDM.exe) located in your BridgeWorks VDM installation folder.


What Migrates?

VDM's migration process brings over the following Crystal Report objects to VDM:

  • Report Tables and Fields
  • Record Selection (Filter Statement)
  • Linking and Joins
  • Parameters
  • Report Design and Layout
  • Grouping
  • Report Sections
  • Formulas/Calculated Fields (in Crystal Syntax)
    • Formulas/Calculated fields come over into the Finished Report in Crystal Syntax and will need to be manually translated to VDM syntax.


What Doesn't Migrate?

VDM does not migrate the following Crystal Report objects, if they exist, and will need to be manually added after the migration:

  • Sub Reports
  • Fields formats for Currency, Numeric and Dates
  • Images
  • Charts




Getting Started

  1. Launch VDM.exe and login to the database used by the Crystal Report.

  2. Click Open from the Ribbon Bar and browse to the Crystal Report.  Click the Open button.

  3. Review the Report Fields under the Tables and Field's control and make any needed adjustments or corrections.

  4. Review the Filter Statement under FSGS and make any needed adjustments to conform with VDM/SQL syntax.

  5. Review Linking and make any needed adjustments or corrections.

  6. Review Parameters and make any needed adjustments or corrections.

  7. Click Run View from the Ribbon Bar and review the query results in the Details Grid.

  8. Next, click the Finished Reports Designer from the Ribbon bar.  Review the Finished Report and make any needed adjustments to Images, Charts, Field Formats and Formulas/Calculated Fields.

  9. Click Preview and review the completed results.

  10. Click Save to Save the report in VDM format.



Our goal with the Crystal Reports Migration process was to offer users and path from Crystal Reports to VDM for simple to moderate reports.  Depending on the complexity of your Crystal Report you will see varying degrees of success with your migration.  BridgeWorks does not provide support or assistance for Crystal Reports. 

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