Executable API

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VDM allows users to run a view with minimal interaction with the application using an API call. When a view is run through the API, VDM automatically logs in with a Service Account Connection Profile, executes the view and then displays the defined Control in a preview window.  

If a view is configured with parameters and they are not provided in the API call, VDM will prompt the user for input.

Executable API Syntax and Options:

"Path to Executable" "Connection Profile/View" "API" "Control" "Parameters"

  • Full Path to the VDM executable; this is the physical location where VDM is installed and accessible on the workstation.  VDM can be installed locally and called locally or VDM can be installed on a network share.
  • The service account connection profile provides the database connection information to VDM.  The connection profile MUST be located in the {Path to Executable}\Profiles\Connections\ directory.
  • The FULL path to the view to be run.
  • The command type tells the VDM how to perform a given task. In order for VDM to run in API mode, simply provide "API".
  • The Control tells VDM what control to preview once the view has completed running.
  • Parameters are any run-time parameters required by the view. The parameter names are separated by || and their values are separated by !!.  If there are multiple parameters the syntax would be: Parameter1!!Parameter1Value||Parameter2!!Parameter2Value.  It's important that the provided parameter name exactly matches the name inside of the view being called, without the surrounding question marks.  It is strongly recommended that your parameters are configured with the appropriate data type.

The executable API is available for the following Controls:

Print Preview Controls:

  • "Details"
  • "Summary"
  • "Pivot"
  • "Charting"
  • "FinishedReporting"

End User Viewer Control:

  • "Visualize"


Structure of an API call:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDM64.exe" "ExampleProfile/C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDMQV\Liquidation\ExampleView.vdm"  "API" "Control" "Parameter1!!Parameter1Value||Parameter2!!Parameter2Value"

Sample API Usage:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDM64.exe" "PROD/C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDMQV\Liquidation\LiquidationReport.vdm"  "API" "FinishedReporting" "TransDate!!2017-08-29||ReportName!!My Liquidation Report"




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