Creating Your Default OKTA Groups (Roles)

Cory Fifield -

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Article Goal: Create the 6 default Okta groups (roles) for WebReports.


In this article we are going to cover setting up Okta groups (roles) for WebReports.


Where Can You Create Roles?

You can create the Okta groups (roles) under the Directory section of the nav bar then select Groups.


Steps To Create Okta Groups (Roles).

1. Create / log in to a Developer Account on Okta.



2. Expand the Directory section of the navigation menu, then click Groups.



3. Click the Add Group button.



4. Enter the Okta admin role (WRAdmin) for WebReports.



5. Click Add Group.



6. Repeat until the 6 default roles for WebReports have been added. They should be named as they are mapped below.

Roles Mapping:

WebReports roles : Okta roles
Admin : WRAdmin
RoleAdmin : WRRoleAdmin
User : WRUser
Publisher : WRPublisher
Scheduler : WRScheduler
Queue : WRQueue





See step four of the Steb by Step: Okta Athentication article to continue.



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