Step By Step: Web Reports Admin

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we are going to walk through each step for an admin to get started using Web Reports.


Step 1. Getting Logged Into Web Reports


1. Enter your Web Reports URL in your browser.


2. Enter your log in information.








Step 2. Create Connection Profiles In WR

The Connection Profiles in Web Reports will be used for setting up Web Reports connections inside VDM.


For a full guide on creating a WR Connection Profile, click here.


1. Navigate to the Conn. Profile page located on the Settings tab of Web Reports to create a new connection profile.





2. Click on the plus icon to begin entering your connection profile information.




3. Enter your connection profile information.








Step 3. Create WR Connection Profiles In VDM

The Connection Profiles in VDM will be used for publishing Views to Web Reports.


For a full guide on creating a WR Connection Profile In VDM, click here.


1. Verify you are on the latest version of VDM by clicking on the Help tab and selecting help to view your VDM version.


2. While on VDM's main screen, click on the Database tab and select New.





3. Select Web Reports for the Connection Type.





4. Enter your connection information.






Step 4. Publishing Views To Web Reports

Publishing Views will allow Views to be assigned to roles that can then execute them in Web Reports.


For a full guide on publishing views to Web Reports, click here.


1. Select the Web Reports tab. (Only available when a Web Reports connection is selected)





2. Click Publish.





3. Select your connection and then click Select Views.





4. Click Upload Selected (Selected Views indicated by black checkmark)




Step 5. Assign Reports To Roles

Once reports are assigned they can finally be executed in Web Reports by anyone with the specified roles.


For a full guide on assigning reports, click here.


1. Navigate to the Management page located on the Users tab of Web Reports.





2. Click on the add button / plus sign to start assigning reports.





3. Set up the report assignment options.





4. Go to the Available Reports page on the Reports tab of WR and execute the new report.




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