Feature 584 - Variables In Email Body

Cory Fifield -

This feature was requested on 6/22/2021.
This feature was implemented on 8/5/2021. (Release Version


Feature Request: Ability to use the same variable information in alert emails in email body. This would include things such as file name and location for the jobs that ran, link to the report file location without attachments.



Below is a demo of the process implemented for the August release.


1. To disable / Enable attaching the file simply check / uncheck the Attach File option.


2. The following is a link to download the file. Modify only the sections in orange to create the link you need. In order to select your file just right click and select what is being sent using the context menu.


<a href="file:///FR.CSV.FullName">Feature 584 Test</a>


Example Right Click Context Menu:




Demo Download Links In Email Body:



Example Output 1: With Attachment



Example Output 2: Without Attachment + Link In Body


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