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In this article we provide detail and examples using the Download For Role button in Web Reports. 


Why Use Download For Role?

The Download For Role button will allow users to run a View in the browser and export it to the completed section. The difference from the Download button is that the Report will be made available for specific roles assigned to the View instead of the user that ran it. Once the View is in the completed section you can then download view the parameters used for the execution and download the selected file type. Available File Types: XLSX, XLS, PDF, DOCX


Where Can You Download For Role?

The Download For Role button is located on the Available Reports page in the Reports tab.


How To Download For Role.

NOTE: This is an example download. The setup of a View can vary. (variable filters, parameters, etc.)


1. Make sure you are on the Available Reports page.




2. Choose what View you want to Download and note the Role assigned to it in the Role column. The role assigned to the View is the role that will have access to download the completed report.

Note: Visualize will not have the download buttons.




3. Click the Download For Role button for the View you want to execute. If the View has parameters you will need to enter your parameters.




4. Select the File Type to download and then enter the parameters if the View has them.
Available File Types: XLSX, XLS, PDF, DOCX




5. Verify the report has been sent for execution. You should see a notification at the bottom of your browser.



6. Go to the Completed page.




7. Once the report has finished executing, anyone with the assigned role can view the parameter selection and download the report in the selected file type. Note: This example used the .XLSX file type.


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