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In this article we cover everything needed to set up the Data Service Connector.

DSC Overview

The Data Service Connector (DSC) is a .Net Core application that runs in a Linux Docker Container.
The purpose of the DSC is to provide database connectivity to VDM for databases that are not directly accessible to the network of the workstation running VDM, and is most often used in Hosted or SaaS environments.
Below is the Network Topology for the Data Service Connector.



Steps for DSC Setup

Note: Before following the steps for the DSC Setup, ensure that your docker environment is set up. 


1. Run the following command using PowerShell: 

docker pull bridgeworks/saasdataservice:Alpine_1.1.0





2. Run the following command using PowerShell:

docker run --name BridgeWorksDSC -p 8080:80 --dns= -td bridgeworks/saasdataservice:Alpine_1.1.0

External Port: This can be changed to what ever port is required. (Example: 8080)

Internal Port: This can be changed to what ever port is required. (80-http, 443-https)





3. Verify BridgeWorksDSC Container is running.



Note: We do not assist with certificates. We strongly recommend that all communication between VDM and the Data Service Connector is over TLS and the DSC to the IRIS database.


4. Run the following command using PowerShell:

docker cp BridgeWorksDSC:/app/appsettings.json c:\temp





5. Browse to the New File and open with a text editor. Configure the Database, Server, Port, DSCXValue and CompanyIDOnce you are done configuring settings, save and close the file.


Note: CompanyID should correspond to the Company ID inside VDM's Settings. The rest of the information (Database, Server, Port) is the same information you would use setting up an ODBC/IRIS connection





6. Run the following command using PowerShell:

docker cp c:\temp\appsettings.json BridgeWorksDSC:/app/





7. Restart the the BridgeWorksDSC container inside Docker.




8. Create a new InterSystems IRIS Connection inside VDM. Following the steps below.



  • Enable Use Data Service Connector
  • Enter the URL to the Data Service Connector (Can be found in Docker container. See Image below). If using Port 443, use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Enter the DSCXValue that was entered into the appsettings.json file. (Step 5)




9. Enter the User Name and Password for the new connection.



10. Verify successful connection. (Click Load All Tables to refresh)




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