Creating An InterProse ACE Connection

Cory Fifield -

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VDM is able to establish a connection to InterProse ACE databases. In this article we will cover creating an InterProse ACE Connection and getting connected inside VDM.


Please Note: BridgeWorks does not provide support for the InterProse ACE application. Please contact InterProse ACE support for assistance with creating a report template and API key for 3rd party reporting applications.


Steps To Create An InterProse ACE Connection


1. Login to InterProse ACE with an administrator account.  Select Reports then select SQL Designer.



2. Set the Label to BridgeWorks VDM



3. Set the Identifier to BRIDGEWORKS_VDM



4. Set the Role that will include the users building, editing or running reports in VDM.



5. Set SQL to ${String:QueryString} LIMIT 500000. This value is used to limit the maximum number of records that can be returned in a query.



6. Click Setup and then select User. Inside the User Setup, click Generate API Key.  Once the API Key is generated, copy the value. It will be used when creating the VDM Connection Profile.



7. Click Setup then select System. Set the Maximum Report Rows to match the Limit Value defined in step 5. This number can be increased or decreased based on your needs and will limit the maximum number of records that will be returned in your reports. 



8. Add a new InterProse ACE connection inside VDM.



9. Copy and paste the API Key from Step 6 into the API Key section.



10. Enter your company URL.



11. Enter your CompanyId used in Step 10 for the Customer ID.



12. Enter the identifier set in Step 3 for the Report Name.



13. Enter QueryString for the Parameter Name



14. Test the connection and verify that it is successful. If the Connection Passed, then click Next.




15. Save the Connection and then reload the tables using the Load All Button.




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