Bug 312 - FSGS - CSS Not Setting

Cory Fifield -

Found in Version
Resolved with Version (Released: March 15, 2021)


Bug: When changing the CSS setting, it does not apply until other changes are made or View is ran twice.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open New Session
  2. Add a couple fields (1 or 2 fields will work fine)
  3. Go to FSGS
  4. Click Group/Sum/Sort
  5. Add a Sort condition
  6. Disable CSS (Client Side Sorting)
  7. View SQL Query
  8. Close the SQL Query
  9. View SQL Query again

Expected Result: CSS be set the moment it is enabled/disabled.

Actual Result: View needs to be ran twice or other changes need to be made for the changes to be set.

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