Bug 275 - Query Builder - VoV with Dynamic Query Flipping Connection

Cory Fifield -

Found in Version
Resolved in Version (Released: January 12, 2021)


Bug: There is an issue with dynamic queries in VoV using multiple database connections. Once the view is ran for the first time the connection will change causing issues with the dynamic queries.


Steps to reproduce:

MDS must be set to reproduce this bug.

  1. Create a VoV that uses two Views from different Databases.
  2. Both Views need to have dynamic queries in them.
  3. Run the VoV
  4. Attempt to run the VoV again

Expected Result: The VoV should run the second time with dynamic queries being populated.


Actual Result: After the View has been ran, the connections flip creating issues with the dynamic query in one of the Views. This will result in no values loaded into the parameter via the dynamic query.

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