Bug 279 - Settings - MDS No Connection Save

Cory Fifield -

Found in Version
Resolved in Version (Released: January 12, 2021)


Bug: MDS allows Views to be saved with no active connection which will result in a corrupted View.



When MDS is enabled: Load All clears all Table/Linking information. Even with a default connection, if you use Load Selected and your default connection is not one of the ones selected the default is not active... if you do the same steps above it will corrupt your view.


Steps to reproduce:

Enable MDS (Optional: Remove Default Connections)
Scenario 1:
  1. Open a View 
  2. Click Load All
  3. Click Save
Result: VDM returns error (See Image Below)
Attempting to open a corrupted View results in the following error.
Scenario 2:
  1. Use Load Selection button
  2. Select 2 Connections that are not the correct connections
  3. Open View
  4. Run the View
  5. Use Load Selection and choose the right connection
  6. Save the View
Result: Corrupted View




Expected Result: Views be cleared after to clicking the Load All / Load Selection buttons to prevent corrupt save.

Actual Result: The view becomes corrupted.

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