Referencing Grid Level Expressions from Advanced Query

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we cover referencing Grid Level Expressions from Advanced Query.


How does it work?

Expressions are processed at the data grid level, after the query results have been processed and returned from the database.  Expressions are then added to the resulting dataset and accessible throughout VDM's controls. If you're using Advanced Query, VDM needs to know where to place the Expressions in the resulting dataset. So you can add an expression to the Grid after you run an Advanced Query, but if they're not added to the Field Selection List in the Advanced Query, VDM doesn't know where to put them.


We don't recommend Grid Level Expressions be used with Advanced Query. We recommend Advanced Queries be used for SQL Scripting only, and additional calculations that need to be performed on the resulting dataset be configured and completed using Calculated Fields in Finished Reports or Visualize.



How to reference grid level expression in Advanced Query

1. Create your Advanced Query and run it.



2. Create the Grid Expressions. Make sure to have the correct datatypes used for the expression.



3. Add the new expression(s) to the select statement in the Advanced Query.



4. Save, run and preview the View with the new expression(s) added to the Advanced Query.


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