Using A VDMList

Cory Fifield -

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This article will cover the process of using a list of values inside VDM. A VDMList is a text file that is used to apply to the query.



If you would like to preview the structure of a VDMList download a sample list below.

Sample ExmployeeID List -Download
Sample OrderDate List - Download
Sample ContactName List - Download


Using a VDMList


1. Open / Create a View.



2. Go into the FSGS tab under Query Builder.




3. Add a Field and set the operator you want to use for the filter statement.




4. Click the drop down on the Value and select Add Saved List.




5. Select the list that you wish to use for the values. Confirm the list referenced is present and in the correct format. (Saved Lists will be stored in VDMLists directory for VDM by default)




6. Run the View using the new Filter Statement that leverages a VDMList.





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