Auto-Save Backups

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VDM has an Auto-Save feature that will create back ups of your Views in an effort to prevent any loss of time due to accidental saves or unforeseen events. 


How Does It Work?

When a View is open, VDM will keep a back up of the state of that View prior to each time the Save button is clicked. As always it is a good idea to save as often as possible when working. The more times you save, the more back ups you will have to work with.



Leveraging Your Auto-Saves

Below are the useful steps and information regarding the Auto-Save Feature inside VDM.


1. Auto-Saves will be stored where your Views are stored. If you are unsure of this location check your VDM Settings.



Example Location for AutoSavesBackups:



2. Each Backup will be saved with the following naming method.

Version - Date - Time - View Name





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