Bug 262 - Scheduler - SS/Non SS Execution Order Creates Hung Sessions

Cory Fifield -

Found in Version
Resolved in Version (Release Date: December 02, 2020)


Bug: Separate Session executions mixed with non separate session executions result in hung sessions of VDM.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create View
  2. Run View
  3. Open FR
  4. Set to Multi
  5. Add detail band
  6. Add sub band
  7. Add sub report
  8. Add Fields in sub report
  9. Add another sub band
  10. Copy sub report into new band

Expected Result: Job should run and close all sessions of VDM related to the job running.

Actual Result: The jobs scheduled to run with separate session not enabled before the jobs that have it enabled would result in hung sessions after the job is ran.

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