Bug 260 - Connection Profiles - Hyphen in File Path Preventing Save

Cory Fifield -

Found in Version
Resolved in Version (Released: November 19, 2020)


Bug: Trying to save a connection profile in a location with a hyphen in the name will prevent you from being able to save.


Current Workaround: Change the location of Connection Profiles in VDM's Settings to a directory that does not contain a hyphen. 


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Change Profiles to Pro-files in File Explorer.
  2. Change VDM Profile location to new location name (Pro-files)
  3. Try to save new Connection Profile (test1).


Expected Result: The file path naming should be ignored.

Actual Result: VDM currently checks the file path as well as the Connection Profile name for hyphens. 



Image of Results:


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