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Cory Fifield -

Release Date: November 16, 2020


What's New?

  • VDM's DTP (Date Time Picker) parameters now support the use of Default Values. For more information check out our Date Parameter Default Value article.
  • VDM now gives you the capability of managing how many Pages in Insights are stored in your machines memory. This will give you more control over how Insights is used. For more information check out our Layout Loading Efficiency Article.
  • We have enhanced the Calendar Detail in the Scheduler to bring you more information to have in your hand. The Calendar Detail now contains information about recurrences. For more information on the Calendar Detail, check out our Calendar Detail Article.


Bug Fixes

This list includes all bugs resolved after and before or in


Please refer to our severity ranking for information on the impact each bug could have.

Low - - Bug may cause minor annoyances and most likely has a work around.
Medium - ■ - Bug may cause disruptions and may or may not have a work around. 
High - ■ - Bug can or will cause significant disruptions to users.  Very Important to update to resolve


Bug 243 - Settings - MDS Restart 

Bug 245 - Error - Save Location Not Available 

Bug 246 - FSGS - Cleared on Main View After Editing Job in Scheduler 

Bug 248 - Parameter - Combobox Dynamic Query Always Sorts ASC 

Bug 249 - Finished Reports - Control + S Legacy Save 

Bug 250 - Finished Reports - Changes to a Sub Report in a Sub Band do not Save 

Bug 251 - Finished Report - Sub Report Naming / Datasource 

Bug 253 - Tables and Fields - RS Import uses the Views Detail Query  

Bug 256 - Tables and Fields - Can't Add Fields from VDMMasterDesk  ■ 

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