Sort Not Working Correctly in Visualize

Cory Fifield -

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The Problem: I am trying to sort my columns but they do not appear to be sorting properly in the Detail or Pivot Grids for Visualize Designer.


The Solution:

Visualize is a data aggregation tool and grids work differently from VDM's main Grids. 


  • The reason you might see your data sorting odd is the way columns are added into visualize.
  • Vizualize's grid/pivot starts with the first field in the grid, sorts on it, and then groups all the detail data that matches that field’s value, it then goes to the next column, sorts, then groups and so on. 


Visualize Sort Examples:

In the first column the OrderDate is set to sort by Ascending YearThis works as expected, the years go down the list from 1996 to 1997 and so on.




In the second column the OrderDate is set to sort by Descending MonthThis results in the Year column being sorted in Ascending order with the Months(Column 2) in those Years(Column 1) being sorted in Descending order.




Adding in another column sort would make the sorting 3 levels deep. In the third column the OrderDate is set to sort by Descending DayThis means the Grid is now Sorting based on the Ascending Year(Column 1), and then sorting the Months(Column 2) based on the Year(Column 1) in Descending order, and last sorting the Days in those Months(Column 2) in Descending order.


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