Adding Grids

Cory Fifield -

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How Does It Work?

Adding Grids to your view allows you to use the same view to look at data multiple ways. Each Grid will have it's own sorting, grouping, formatting and more. Through the use of additional grids one view offers infinite ways of viewing your data even at the grid level.



Steps to Add Grids

Below are the steps to take in order to add more grids to your View. At the end of the steps are usage examples of multiple detail grids being leveraged inside VDM.


1. Create / Open a View and then run it.



2. Click the Add button located under the Grid section of the ribbon bar. (Repeat for more Grids)



3. Enter a name for the new grid.



4. Use the drop down to select what grid you want to view.





For example, below two grids are created. DemoGrid2 is only sorted by Contact Name. DemoGrid1 is sorted by EmployeeID with conditional formatting to highlight and fill Freight values over 30 and the VDM expression field with a value over 5. This means any order with a freight value over 30 is green and any order with a difference in days between the shipped date and order date greater than 5 will be red.


Demo Grid 1:



Demo Grid 2:



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