Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 9/24/2020

 **Note** v10 Requires .Net 4.7.2 Runtime or higher: Available Here.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue when removing table from Favorites
  2. Fixed an issue where parameter preview would not show correctly if only 1 parameter
  3. Fixed an errant WR session due to process id still set to zero
  4. Fixed an issue where the Linking page was updating FSGS per table causing it to be slowed x's the number of tables
  5. Bulk Scheduler wizard, email to, cc, from, can now be from the view supplying the bulk wizard
  6. Dynamic queries for parameters now use wait form
  7. Fixed issue where Remembered Formats would not load in new session
  8. Fixed an issue where if RS Import failed, the next view searched would reset
  9. Fixed an issue where number of parameter pages was not working for VoVs
  10. Fixed an issue where parameter order was not being reflected after going to parameter page
  11. Fixed an issue where Cross tab datasources were not re-applied if the cross tab was in a sub-band
  12. Fixed an issue where linking would be dropped from VoV if the view was not run (also included rebuild)


New: Combined Export

  1. Now able to export multi sheet without excel
  2. Ability to add combined export to AS
  3. Legacy export removed
  4. Drop down for export removed, buttons now on main form
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