Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 9/3/2020

 **Note** v10 Requires .Net 4.7.2 Runtime or higher: Available Here.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where cross tabs were losing their datasources in most scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where if a Schedule lasted for a long period of time, and was run through the service, additional schedules within that time of the first would kick off
  • Fixed an issue where No Data No Export did not export if a VoV dataset's last view had no records
  • Fixed an issue when editing a Schedule Job, checking and unchecking an execution inside of the checkbox would not update correctly.


Web Reports

  • Added support for Finished Reports involving sub reports
  • Added support for newer parameter functionality
    • "Enabled" is now used in Web Reports
    • Hidden Parameters no longer leave empty space
    • Parameters on secondary pages are no longer pushed down based on previous pages
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