Insights Settings

Cory Fifield -

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In this article we cover the settings available for the Insights section of VDM. This will cover the primary function/usage of each setting and and how changes made can impact your Insights experience.


There are FOUR settings associated with Insights.

- Data Location
- Default Layout
- Launch on Load
- Layout Location


Insights Default Settings



Data Location: This setting tells VDM where to look for data that was exported to insights from the Scheduler when the Export to Insights option is checked


Default Layout: This setting will determine the Layout loaded on the launch of Insights. Leaving this setting blank will create a new Layout each time.



Launch on Load: When this setting is set to True, Insights will load on VDM launch instead of the VDM main screen.


Layout Location: This setting determines the location that VDM will store a layout when it is saved.


Insights File Explorer



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