Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 3/26/2020

 **Note** v9 Requires .Net 4.7.2 Runtime or higher: Available Here.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where summary only views would not return a proper hit count
  • Fixed an issue where the total search time would start before parameters were entered
  • Fixed an issue where summary queries sent to the database (client side grouping disabled) were not being logged
  • Fixed an issue where MDS was not working properly if Database Files were used
  • Fixed an issue where MDS was not working properly if Command tables were used
  • Fixed an issue where command tables were being read based on the selected connection, not the connection the command table resided in.
  • Fixed an issue where In No parenthesis parameters were not loading correctly in Web Reports
  • Fixed an issue where Intersystems Connections would not load Dynamic Queries correctly in Web Reports.
  • Fixed an issue in Web Reports where if there were return characters in the OPTIONS file, none of the OPTIONS would be read


  • The main form is no longer resized when moving in and out of Visualize and Finished Reports
  • There is now a check to see if a connection has been established before opening a View.  This is to prevent users from going through parameter prompts not realizing there is no connection and the view errors.
  • Finished Reports and Visualize have been moved into their own category on the main View tab
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