Connecting to InterSystems DeepSee and IRIS Analytics BI

Tony Coffman -

**The feature is currently in Beta and we are collecting feedback and input from the community.  Please report any challenges or suggestions to


With the release of v9 we've added a new Connection Type that allows access to InterSystems DeepSee and IRIS BI Cubes to build Pivots, Data Visualizations and Finished Reports.


Creating the Connection Profile

  1. Select Database from the Ribbon Bar and click New.
  2. Select DeepSee from the Connection Type list:mceclip0.png

  3. Define the URL to the DeepSee Rest API, Username and Password (if any)
    • Here is an example URL that will look to the localhost on port 57773 and connect to the SAMPLES namespace: Example URL: http://localhost:57773/api/deepsee/v1/SAMPLES/
    • Please note that the DeepSee.RESTClient.cls page must be available on your InterSystems installation for VDM to connect properly. mceclip1.png
  4. Click Finish to name your Connection Profile:mceclip2.png

  5. Once completed click "Load All" to see your newly created Connection Profile.



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